Online Weekend Intensive

After lot's of demand, the Online Weekend Intensive is back! 

And this time for 6 Weeks! 

Saturday/Sunday 9:55am-10:55am GMT 

25/26 September 

2/3 October

9/10 October

Saturday/Sunday 10am-12pm GMT

16/17 October

23/24 October

29/30 October 

6 Spots Available


Recording Only - £120.00 (all 12 Classes)

schools back.png

 Excellent value for money.

detailed explanation, time for discussion / question and answer and video demonstration that can be replayed anytime in slow mo.  

- Nesh, Philippines.

Online Private Class

Currently there are no plans for private Classes.

1 Spot Available each class. 

£45.00 per class. 

Class with Recording £50.00


I like that Ben was really organized with the classes and with the different on-line groups. Also that he have all the material already recorded so he can put it over and over or slow it down. And that he could adapt to the space reality of each student.

-Isabel, Chile