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In terms of Aerial Hoop performers you don’t get much more well-known than Ben Brown. With a style that is instantly recognisable for it’s uniqueness and creativity, Ben’s fresh take on this well-known apparatus has influenced Aerial Hoop professionals and enthusiasts alike across the globe. 


Ben began his love affair with the circus from a young age. As a competitive gymnast since the age of 5, it was a natural progression from competition floor to some of the biggest stages across the world, where he has wowed audiences in places such as Berlin, Singapore and London to name a few. Ben considers some of his career highlights to be performing for fashion powerhouses Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana. 


As well as being a professional performer in the circus industry for the past decade, Ben has also been an avid coach and mentor since the age of 15. Ben has been passing on his knowledge and expertise at various circus schools and aerial conventions  around the world including the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, UK. It is from this passion for learning and coaching that the Ben Brown School of Hoop was born. 

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Ben Brown School of Hoop is the new school for Aerial Hoop founded in 2020 with the first Courses taking  place in 2021. Built by one of the worlds leading professionals for aspiring Aerial Hoop Artists. At School of Hoop we focus solely on Aerial Hoop and complimentary skills including Flexibility, Hand balancing and Conditioning. A program carefully selected and designed by company director Ben Brown. During our courses, students will not only improve upon technique and learning new skills, but also the theory behind it, helping them in the future with their own personal journeys. As well as group class time during intensive courses, students will also benefit from personal one on one training time with Ben Brown. 


In 2021 School of Hoop ran the first 6 Week Intensive Course training with 10 Students, completing their training from June-August. See their testimonial video here.

We are currently working on finding our own studio located in Europe, with full accommodation for every student on site, with hopes to be up and running by 2025.

Previous Courses and Events

6 Week Intensive - June 2021

4 Week Intensive and Photoshoot - April 2022

2 Week Mini Intensive - Singapore, September 2022

4 Week Intensive - April 2023 

The School of Hoop Convention - June 3rd, London 2023

4 Week Intensive and Photo shoot  - London, March 2024

Upcoming Courses and Events

4 Week Intensive and Photoshoot - London, July 2024 

The 2nd Aerial Hoop Convention - London, July 2024 

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